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MCSE 2003: Exam-Pack 70-290 CBT Nuggets

Продолжительность: 13 Hours
Описание: If you want to learn about Microsoft Windows Server 2003, this is the training you need. Whether you are looking to begin an MCSE 2003 certification track or are just interested in getting familiar with Server 2003, you’ll find these videos an invaluable resource. The training starts with the basics and covers everything you need to know for managing and maintaining Server 2003. You’ll learn how to manage and troubleshoot User Accounts, back-up and system recovery procedures, remote management and assistance tools and the benefits of Terminal Services. James Conrad is the instructor for this series and you won’t find anyone more qualified to teach Server 2003. He is great at explaining the concepts in such a way that both beginners and IT pros find helpful. The videos map to Microsoft Exam 70-290 as a core requirement of the MCSE 2003 certification. There are 25 videos providing more than 13 hours of instruction. A basic understanding of computers and networking such as the A+ and Network+ certification or equivalent knowledge is the prerequisite for this training. CD-ROM Contents: Exam Pack 70-290 - Series Intro - Introducing Windows Server 2003 - Managing Basic and Dynamic Disks - RAID, Utilities, Quotas - Managing Server Hardware - Managing and Troubleshooting User Accounts - Automating User Account Management - Managing User Profiles - Managing User Account Logon - Managing Computer Accounts - Managing Groups - Managing Resource Access: Share Permissions - Managing Resource Access: NTFS Permissions - Managing Printers - IIS Part 1 - IIS Part 2 - Administration and RDP - Remote Desktop/Assistance - Terminal Services Part 1 - Terminal Services Part 2 - Event Viewer and Task Manager - Performance Monitoring and Analysis - SUS and Software Site Licensing - Shadow Copy and Backup - Restoring Data and Recovery Tools
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